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This product is made from high-density bioactivity factor which is selected from nature and biotechnology cultures.

It is made from a variety natural organic materials such as decenter cake, cocoa waste, coffee dreg, mushroom powder, pineapple waste and cocoa waste and etc.

Use of several natural plant protein and plant-specific organic nutrients, the beneficial microbial  and trichoderma fungus to fermentation decomposition, and then add a balanced nutrient elements, manufactured by strict quality control.

Trichoderma able to against various pathnogenic fungi belonging to various genera. Trichoderma first converts the growth into mono- and disaccharides, which will stimulate the proliferation of actinomycetes that consume mono- and disaccharides, and actinomycetes can restrain important crop pests: rhizobia. Actinomycetes multiply in the soil in large quantities, decomposing nodule nematodes and eggs made of chitin in one fell swoop, can achieve the effect of protecting plants.

Suitable for general fruit trees, leafy vegetables, fruits, tea, turf, flowers (roses, lilies, chrysanthemum, gladiolus), home garden flowers and other applications.

It can fully supply the element needed for growth of organic, it can improve soil, chemical and microbial phases, activate soil and extend harvest time.


Percentage/ Description

Total N: (as N)

1% (± 10%)

Total P: (as P2O5)

1% (± 10%)

Total K: (as K2O)

1% (± 10%)




Material Introduction:

Plant residue:

Decenter cake - enhances the protective ability of the cell wall and pollen activation.

Cocoa waste- rich in fiber and antioxidants.

Coffee dreg- anti UV and maintain the soil temperature.

Pineapple meal- to eliminate harmful soil aggregate structure and easily decomposition soil nutrients.

Palm ash- improves soil pH and increases fruit weight and sweetness.