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Agricode Trichoderma compost


  • Use trichoderma fungus to decomposition, and then add a balanced nutrient elements, manufactured by strict quality control.
  • Trichoderma able to against various pathnogenic fungi belonging to various genera. Trichoderma first converts the growth into mono- and disaccharides, which will stimulate the proliferation of actinomycetes that consume mono- and disaccharides, and actinomycetes can restrain important crop pests: rhizobia. Actinomycetes multiply in the soil in large quantities, decomposing nodule nematodes and eggs made of chitin in one fell swoop, can achieve the effect of protecting plants.
  • Suitable for general fruit trees, leafy vegetables, fruits, tea, turf, flowers (roses, lilies, chrysanthemum, gladiolus), home garden flowers and other applications.